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Some cool pictures of celebrities images:

Josh Duhamel <3
pictures of celebrities
Image by kf0nz1
This is Josh from Transformers 3. He plays Captain William Lennox in the movie.

He was such a nice guy. He stopped and took pictures with everyone!

There were these two young boys in front of me and he also took his time to talk to them about the movie and his cast mates.

Poster Boy
pictures of celebrities
Image by Photohunny
Here is a photo I took of Noel Fielding posing at the Boosh Aftershow Party. I have posterized the picture in Photoshop to add a bit of fun

Andy Serkis
pictures of celebrities
Image by warriorwoman531
Actor Andy Serkis was walking around the exhibit hall with his son and I caught a few candid pictures. Andy of course was at SDCC 2011 to promote the new Planet of the Apes movie. He also played Gollum in LOTR.